Four Ways Businesses Waste Money on Printing

Printing is a common part of a business’ computing infrastructure. Unfortunately, it is often overused and creates a problem in both resource allotment and cost. Many organizations have little or even no visibility into how they manage their paper consumption and printing costs, which can spiral out of control without you even knowing it. Let’s look at a few ways where businesses lose money on their organizational printing. 

Excessive Color Printing

Using color printers and printing in color when it’s not necessary can significantly increase printing costs. Color ink or toner cartridges are more expensive than their black and white counterparts. Businesses should encourage employees to print in black and white for most internal documents and reserve color printing for when it’s essential.

Printing Unnecessary Documents

Employees might print emails, drafts, or documents that don’t need a physical copy. Encouraging employees to assess whether a hard copy is truly necessary before printing can reduce paper and ink/toner consumption.

Single-Sided Printing

Failing to utilize double-sided printing is wasteful. Many documents, such as internal memos or drafts, can be printed on both sides of the paper to reduce paper usage. Setting printers to default to duplex printing can help save on paper costs.

Ignoring Energy Efficiency

Older printers may be energy hogs, consuming more power than newer, energy-efficient models. Businesses should consider upgrading to energy-efficient printers and configuring settings for power conservation.

If printing is a problem for your business, we can help. Don’t waste money needlessly. Today, there are digital solutions that can save your business time and money. Give our technicians a call today at (212) 796-6061 to learn more.

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