Use Your Business Technology for Better Change Management Efforts

Whether you like it or not, change comes for us all—particularly for businesses. Any organization that hopes to see any significant growth or innovation will be subject to change. Your organization should be capable of working with change, and when it comes to factors that can influence how well you adapt to change, there is no greater tool than your company’s IT.

Big Data Can Help Fuel Your Business’ Growth

Your business is as valuable as the data it collects, meaning that if you’re not taking full advantage of your data, you’re leaving money on the table. SMBs need all of the strategic advantages they can get, and one way you can gain such an advantage on your competition is through utilizing big data. Let’s explore how big data can transform your operations for the better.

Technology is Making Christmas Possible for Many Families and Friends

In our rapidly evolving society, very few things are as they once were. One thing that feels a lot similar to the past is the Christmas holiday. Sure, it’s more commercialized than ever, but by-in-large many of our holiday traditions stay the same. People make a point to get together and exchange gifts and eat too much; and they tend to do this every year. 

AI Is Helping Stoplight Technology to Be More Eco-Friendly

Artificial Intelligence may seem like a concept straight out of science fiction, but its practical applications often extend beyond the realms of entertainment. Consider Operation Green Light, an initiative spearheaded by Google that delves into the realm of AI for traffic control with a focus on its environmental impact, aiming to contribute positively to society.

If Your Business Uses the IoT, You Need to Keep Its Security in Mind

If Your Business Uses the IoT, You Need to Keep Its Security in Mind

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is everywhere. Right now, you probably have a device that is part of the IoT within reach, or on your person. Many businesses use the Internet of Things for various purposes, but behind this use lies significant risks from cyberthreats, and some seem to accept these risks without much concern…as in, the vast majority of businesses utilizing the Internet of Things exhibited a lack of protection, but they were not bothered by it.

How Much Does Tech (and Tech Awareness) Benefit Your Company?

How Much Does Tech (and Tech Awareness) Benefit Your Company?

Business technology can be a complicated topic, and with it appearing in more and more aspects of daily operations, it is important for organizations of all sizes to be sure that they have a complete understanding and awareness of how they put their IT to use. These considerations make it imperative that certain best practices are made part of your standard operating procedures… and for this to be accomplished, company leadership will need to lead by example.