We Should Talk About the “Act Your Wage” Trend

Numerous workplace trends have emerged in the past few years, many of which employers are not fond of. “Quiet quitting” is an example of such a trend, where workers will do the bare minimum—nothing more—to retain their employment. More recently, the trend has been to “act your wage.” Let’s look at what this means and how to handle it if you ever encounter it in your business.

Use These 5 Password Best Practices to Protect Yourself Online

Passwords have long been a cornerstone of online account security, paired with usernames to form the basis of most login systems. Consequently, they are prime targets for hackers seeking to steal credentials and gain unauthorized access to accounts or networks. The inherent weaknesses of poor passwords have become more apparent in recent years, however. This has prompted the growing adoption of additional security measures available to users.

How to Find the Best IT Consultant for Your DUMBO Business

How to Find the Best IT Consultant for Your DUMBO Business

If you are a business owner in the most iconic neighborhood of Brooklyn, this post is for you. I’m talking about businesses in DUMBO. You’re in the thick of Brooklyn’s tech and creativity hub, where the demand for top-notch IT services is as high as those iconic bridges. You know, with the right computer support, your biz can soar higher than a Manhattan skyscraper. But how do you find the ultimate IT expert to keep your tech game strong? Let’s break it down.