Your Data Security Hinges on Five Key Safeguards

It’s no secret that data security is of paramount importance, with phishing and ransomware making weekly appearances in the news cycle at this point. You need to prioritize your business data’s privacy. Otherwise, you’re apt to suffer from your data being accessed without authorization and all the consequences that come with this outcome. Today’s criminals are very capable, which makes it challenging to protect yourself. Here, we’ve put together some essential strategies to make it easier.

To Help Prevent Ransomware and Other Threats, Trust Nothing

Ransomware is a serious issue for modern businesses of all sizes, many experiencing attacks on a fairly regular basis—and that’s before we factor in all the other cyberthreats that a business could likely have to contend with, and the fact that those responsible for these threats are getting craftier in how they spread them. Today, there’s a good argument to be made that the best approach to security is to trust no one and nothing… without verification, at the very least.

How New Technology Sets You Apart from the Competition

How do you stand out in your industry when your customers expect a top-tier experience at every turn? One way businesses can get a huge leg up on the competition is through the use of the latest technology solutions, like online ordering, mobile apps, and e-commerce platforms that make accessing services and products easier than ever. Let’s look at how your business can use the latest technology to overcome the odds stacked against it.

What Can Be Learned from Coca-Cola’s Security Oversight?

What Can Be Learned from Coca-Cola’s Security Oversight?

Data is one of—if not the—most essential resources a business has, which means it is essential that you take the steps to protect it in every way possible from every potential threat. This includes those that could originate from within your own organization. Let’s consider the case of Xiaorong You, who was recently convicted of conspiracy to commit trade secret theft by a federal jury.