Document Management Can Revolutionize the Right Business

Document Management Can Revolutionize the Right Business

Implementing a document management system is a huge step for any business. It has amazing benefits from efficient access to data to digital assets to a much better organized business. If they have so many benefits, why do so many businesses balk at the effort and price of one? Today, we will take a look at the document management system from end to end in hopes that you understand the pros and cons of implementing one.

Outsourced IT is an Amazing Investment for Your Business

With technology cementing itself in all aspects of everyday life, businesses need a stronger competitive edge than ever to overcome the odds. SMBs can use technology for this purpose, specifically outsourcing technology management and maintenance to a third party. With the help of a managed service provider, your business can compensate for any skills deficit it might have and properly maintain its IT infrastructure.

Optimize Uptime with Proactive Management

Optimize Uptime with Proactive Management

Every organization depends on its information systems to be up and available when needed. Some businesses simply can’t function at all without them. When a business inevitably needs to patch its software or perform other maintenance, it can cause problems when employees need these systems to be available. This month, we’ll talk about the strategy behind proactive IT maintenance and how it helps businesses avoid downtime in multiple ways. 

Fix Your IT Budget By Addressing These Three Key Pain Points

If there’s one part of any organization’s operational expenses that concerns many business owners, it’s IT expenses. In fact, some companies have so little control over their IT expenses that they practically hemorrhage money, leading to limited capacity for growth and investment in other parts of the organization that desperately need the help. How can you fix your IT spending and improve your organization as a whole? It all starts with a network audit and some intelligent future planning. Let’s review some of the most important work you can do to help your business better budget for IT expenses.

What Small Businesses Can Learn from the UnitedHealth Hack

Cyberattacks often attack healthcare organizations, including businesses and vendors they associate with, primarily due to how lucrative they can be. One particularly nasty hack is just one of the many organizations which have been featured in headlines due to their inability to protect against security threats. Let’s explore this new situation with UnitedHealth Group and see if there is anything you can learn from it.

VoIP Can Be a Powerful Communications Solution for Your SMB

Does your business effectively use its technology for communication and telecommunications? Your typical business phone system is a costly solution. Thankfully, developments in favor of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) mean that it’s a more cost-effective solution for most SMBs. Not only can you implement the solutions you know and love, but you can integrate with other effective technologies like video conferencing and remote communications to create a much more effective phone system.

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