The Department of Homeland Security will Use AI, Here’s How?

With artificial intelligence becoming a household conversation starter across the country, it’s no wonder the technology has become a key part of operations for countless entities. It’s used in business, education, civic life, and elsewhere… including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. How is the US DHS using AI to promote the security of everyday Americans?

Technology is Making Christmas Possible for Many Families and Friends

In our rapidly evolving society, very few things are as they once were. One thing that feels a lot similar to the past is the Christmas holiday. Sure, it’s more commercialized than ever, but by-in-large many of our holiday traditions stay the same. People make a point to get together and exchange gifts and eat too much; and they tend to do this every year. 

What’s the Status of Right-to-Repair Laws?

What’s the Status of Right-to-Repair Laws?

Right to Repair has grown from a simple philosophy to a legitimate movement, with numerous states legislating measures to boost the rights of the consumers and businesses who ultimately pay for and use different pieces of technology every day. Let’s take a few moments to evaluate where the movement stands currently, as well as review what the right to repair would mean for businesses.

Beware of This Microsoft Teams Phishing Campaign

Many people trust the contacts in their Microsoft Teams profiles and may immediately click any link they receive from what they think is a trusted contact. Hackers can exploit this trust by developing profiles almost identical to departments within their targets’ employment framework. Using these compromised accounts, hackers can send malicious software and put your business at risk.

The Bad Bot Takeover Is Here

There is one extremely common threat to our security that nearly everyone has witnessed but hardly anyone talks about – bad bots. These silent attackers are often thought of as annoying spam accounts posting computer-generated comments online. They are so common that most of us tend to scroll by them without noticing, but in reality, bad bots are much more dangerous, particularly for business owners.

Do Your Smartphone Distractions Hinder Your Focus?

Do Your Smartphone Distractions Hinder Your Focus?

It’s not a secret that we spend too much time on our phones, sitting in front of the computer or television, or just looking at screens in general. You don’t have to go out of your way to find commentary on the subject. What you might find interesting is that there have been an increasing number of studies that have consistently shown that the amount of notifications a person receives is directly related to their productivity; or, lack thereof.