Planning Your Technology for the Long Term

Even the best-laid plan can be disrupted, and any business needs to understand that going into these types of situations with limited knowledge is also risking the plan falling apart. Business technology needs to be cost-effective, and if you don’t have a plan, you could wind up paying far more than expected. It helps to have a professional on your side who can help you make these decisions.

Technology is Making Christmas Possible for Many Families and Friends

In our rapidly evolving society, very few things are as they once were. One thing that feels a lot similar to the past is the Christmas holiday. Sure, it’s more commercialized than ever, but by-in-large many of our holiday traditions stay the same. People make a point to get together and exchange gifts and eat too much; and they tend to do this every year. 

Preserving Connectivity is Crucial Amongst Remote Workers

We aren’t shy about the numerous benefits that remote work has to offer. That being said, as it becomes increasingly clear that remote work is going to be a part of operations in some shape or form, it will be a challenge to keep those working remotely engaged as a part of a company’s established culture. Let’s examine this issue, and a few ways to address it.

How a Year-End App Review Can Change Your Business for the Better

While you’re reflecting over the past year of business, it’s time to also consider what your future will consist of from an operational perspective. By reducing the organizational clutter on your network, you might find that you’re paying for and hosting a lot of applications that are completely unnecessary—something that needlessly strains your bottom line.

AI Is Helping Stoplight Technology to Be More Eco-Friendly

Artificial Intelligence may seem like a concept straight out of science fiction, but its practical applications often extend beyond the realms of entertainment. Consider Operation Green Light, an initiative spearheaded by Google that delves into the realm of AI for traffic control with a focus on its environmental impact, aiming to contribute positively to society.