Who Has Your Data and What Are They Doing With It?

Protecting personal data has become a critical concern as more and more people use Internet-connected accounts. While this tech has undoubtedly enriched our lives, it has also paved the way for unprecedented invasions of privacy, particularly by enormous technology companies that claim to be doing it for their own good. Today, we will explore how these giants compromise data privacy, raising questions about the balance between innovation and safeguarding our most sensitive information.

Cyber Censorship is a Complicated Issue

Cyber Censorship is a Complicated Issue

The web is filled with all types of content, and depending on where you live, it can be regulated by a myriad of organizations from all sections of society. From internationally recognized trade organizations to governments to industry regulators, there are a lot of moving parts in data regulation as it now stands. That leads to people wanting more control over data and censorship. Let’s take a look at cyber censorship and how it’s a bigger issue than you might think.

In Technology, Innovations Can Be As Important as Inventions

Today, technology stands out for its remarkable pace of growth and continuous innovation. I really mean continuous. Nearly everything that has been developed is eventually improved upon, until something new comes along and replaces it. If an improvement is good enough, especially if it is seen as indispensable, it will often transcend the initial invention. This has happened many times over the years.