We Should Talk About the “Act Your Wage” Trend

Numerous workplace trends have emerged in the past few years, many of which employers are not fond of. “Quiet quitting” is an example of such a trend, where workers will do the bare minimum—nothing more—to retain their employment. More recently, the trend has been to “act your wage.” Let’s look at what this means and how to handle it if you ever encounter it in your business.

AI Can Dramatically Improve Your Business Operations

AI has infiltrated the zeitgeist in a way that few technologies have. It’s rare to hear about anyone who has no opinion on how it should or should not be used. Businesses, however, can take full advantage of the situation and capitalize on the use of AI in operations and products. Today, we want to explore the opportunity businesses have to use AI to add value to their offerings.

Technology Can Help Promote Improved Worker Wellness

Being a part of the workforce today comes with its share of challenges. Various stressors, both related to work and outside of it, can significantly affect an employee’s performance. Therefore, it’s crucial for companies to prioritize their team’s well-being, and one effective approach is by embracing and promoting the use of technology to make workers’ tasks easier to manage.

5 Technologies for Any Business That Will Improve Operations

You’ll go through various high and low points when you’re running your business. That’s just part of the game; the unpredictability comes with running a business. You might lose confidence in your operations and wonder if you’re making the right calls—particularly with business technology. Thankfully, there are ways you can use technology that take a lot of the guesswork out of what the future holds for your business.

Different Size Businesses Need Different CRMs

Different Size Businesses Need Different CRMs

Establishing and nurturing positive customer relationships stands as important for any business. A vital tool in achieving this goal is the implementation of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. While many CRMs share common features, some offer more advanced capabilities at a higher cost. This month, we will explore the suitable CRM options for businesses at different levels.

Two Places Collaboration Improves a Business

Two Places Collaboration Improves a Business

Enhancing collaboration is pivotal for the success of many businesses, and leveraging technology can exponentially improve collaborative outcomes. The challenge lies in identifying the most suitable collaboration tools for your organization’s specific needs. In this month’s newsletter, we will explore two categories of software that can enhance your organizational collaboration.