To Help Prevent Ransomware and Other Threats, Trust Nothing

Ransomware is a serious issue for modern businesses of all sizes, many experiencing attacks on a fairly regular basis—and that’s before we factor in all the other cyberthreats that a business could likely have to contend with, and the fact that those responsible for these threats are getting craftier in how they spread them. Today, there’s a good argument to be made that the best approach to security is to trust no one and nothing… without verification, at the very least.

Tip of the Week: 3 Great Features of Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint has made a significant impact on the world, so much to the point of being synonymous with presentations. It’s the premier presentation software first introduced by Microsoft, and with countless cool features to explore, we’re confident that you can find a lot of use for this software. Today, we want to share some of our favorite lesser-known features to help you get more out of your presentations.

Running Cables for IT Needs Structure

A lot of businesses are choosing to embrace some semblance of remote work. This has made networking your business simpler. If your staff is coming and going from your office, you can, by all practical means, avoid using cabled hardware in the front of your business. Unfortunately, most businesses do need to have some workstations and other IT connected and it can get messy quickly.

Protect Your Business from Browser-Based Malware Attacks

Technology plays an important role in today’s society, and as such, cyberthreats look to subvert everyone’s reliance on it to their own benefit. Browser hijacking attacks are on the rise, so we thought we’d focus today’s blog on exploring some of the techniques used in these types of attacks and how small or medium-sized businesses can keep themselves safe.

If Your Business Uses the IoT, You Need to Keep Its Security in Mind

If Your Business Uses the IoT, You Need to Keep Its Security in Mind

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is everywhere. Right now, you probably have a device that is part of the IoT within reach, or on your person. Many businesses use the Internet of Things for various purposes, but behind this use lies significant risks from cyberthreats, and some seem to accept these risks without much concern…as in, the vast majority of businesses utilizing the Internet of Things exhibited a lack of protection, but they were not bothered by it.

Four Ways Businesses Waste Money on Printing

Four Ways Businesses Waste Money on Printing

Printing is a common part of a business’ computing infrastructure. Unfortunately, it is often overused and creates a problem in both resource allotment and cost. Many organizations have little or even no visibility into how they manage their paper consumption and printing costs, which can spiral out of control without you even knowing it. Let’s look at a few ways where businesses lose money on their organizational printing.