Three New Features Being Added to Future Data Backup

When you think of innovation, data backup isn’t always at the top of the list of subjects that come up. As the demand for data security and redundancy grows, however, we are beginning to see some interesting innovative features being added to data backup. Let’s take a look at three interesting new features future data backup systems will include. 

Seamless Data Center Protection

The ability to deal with any number of different infrastructures and environments is one of the most important innovations we are seeing in modern data backup. Future enterprises will continue to incorporate on-premises resources like physical servers. A significant portion of the company’s infrastructures will be distributed across one or more private clouds, however, and can potentially involve multiple other cloud vendors. To facilitate smooth collaboration, data and applications stored in these diverse environments must be consistently backed up and managed.

The ideal backup management solution will address each environment separately while providing users with a unified interface. Irrespective of an application’s location, this single console will empower users to effortlessly back up their resources. This approach will also simplify the process of migrating resources between different environments and infrastructures, allowing IT administrators the ability to back up a specific application without problems. 

Anywhere Recovery

A user might possess a backed-up resource within one specific environment or infrastructure but desires the flexibility to recover it at any time, even in a different infrastructure. For example, if an application is backed up in a public cloud, a user may wish to restore it on their enterprise’s private cloud, and vice versa. This recovery process serves the dual purposes of ensuring high availability and disaster recovery. The beauty of this concept lies in its ability to ensure uninterrupted work even in the event of an outage in one infrastructure, thereby safeguarding critical data. Even within complex business environments, there remains an expectation for swift recovery, as recovery time objectives (RTOs) are expected to continually shorten in the future.

Automatic Backup and Recovery

Obviously, there are already some automatic elements to any advanced data backup and recovery platform, but when every application possesses an ideal backup setup to maintain consistency during the recovery process, while also adhering to optimal Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), naturally the backup solution will be more comprehensive. Looking ahead, backup solutions will have the capacity to identify the applications or roles in operation and the resources in use, automatically discerning the correct backup approach for each. Many processes already require complicated configuration. With more robust automation, the level of human error that causes faulty configurations will also be removed with an automated backup management process. Applications will be able to automatically set schedules according to specific parameters.

Data backup is one of the most important technologies your business needs. If you would like to talk about getting our robust backup and disaster recovery platform in place to help you protect your data assets and cut down on technology-related downtime, give one of our consultants a call today at (212) 796-6061.

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