Going Paperless Can Have Interesting Benefits for Your Business

No matter what type of business you run, we are sure that you have paper documents of some sort filling up a filing cabinet somewhere. These paper documents might be signed contracts by employees, clients, or just about anything else out there that you need to file and store away for later. These documents can take up a ton of space, though, so what is the business to do? The answer is simple: go paperless.

There are many benefits to going paperless, and the good news is that it is relatively easy to make it happen through powerful modern technology solutions.

The Benefits

Here are some of the many benefits of going paperless for your business:

  • Protecting documents from being lost, stolen, or destroyed
  • Improved security and privacy through the use of digital filing systems
  • Greater access to important documents for both customers and employees alike
  • Less wasted capital on paper, ink, and toner
  • Less storage space utilized on-premises
  • Ease of editing and sharing documents

Scanning Important Documents

These are great benefits that can help you create more efficient work processes, but what about all of the current paper documents that you have that must be converted to digital files? Well, you can scan these documents into a digital file format, like a PDF. PDFs are excellent for accessibility, but they cannot easily be edited. You might be able to fill out forms in PDF file format depending on the solution used, making them ideal for employees or customers.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage solutions can be used to draw up contracts and consent forms, as well as any other documents that might need to be signed by others. Digital signage allows whoever needs to sign a document to do so using an “e-sign” or electronic signature to do so. It is the same as if you physically signed a document. Digital signage makes sharing documents easier, so it can have a considerable impact on workflows and service times.

Cloud-Based Document Storage Systems

The major benefit from going paperless comes from the solution that allows it to work as intended, which is the cloud-based document storage system. These systems give users the ability to access documents based on a predetermined set of permissions, granting them the ability to access, view, or edit documents as needed. Users can also search for files, meaning no more digging through filing cabinets to find something from months ago.

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